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Supporting Parents and Carers during Self-Isolation and School Closures


Springwell Leeds Academy understand that this is a challenging and worrying time not only for our students, but for many of our parents and carers. We have therefore, put together this list of local and national agencies or charities that will offer advice, signpost or support you first hand. We hope you find it useful.

Please be sure to check back regularly for updates.

Further support services that individuals and families can use during this outbreak are detailed here.

Mental Health Support, Information and Advice for Adults and Parents/Carers:

Key websites to access

Mental Health Support for Children and Young people

Resist or manage the urge to self-harm

Nowhere to sleep?

If you are  over 16 and need urgent help with housing you can contact Leeds Housing Options on 0113 2224412

Outside office hours call 07891 273 939

Support for Single Parent families:

www.gingerbread.org.uk        A UK charity. Visit the site for expert advice and support.

Support for Children who are Carers for a family member:


Domestic violence support:


Domestic Abuse – West Yorkshire Police

General Support for Parents/Carers:

www.home-startleeds.co.uk     Offers advice, support and will signpost

www.relate.org.uk      Relate offers live online chats with counsellors



Pornography https://www.keepitrealonline.govt.nz/pornography/

Online Bullying: https://www.keepitrealonline.govt.nz/online-bullying/

Online Grooming: https://www.keepitrealonline.govt.nz/online-grooming/

Inappropriate Content: https://www.keepitrealonline.govt.nz/controls-and-settings/


Online Safety Videos for Schools

All the online safety videos are free for schools and colleges. You are welcome to embed them onto your own website/learning platform, as long as there is a link back to my site or information to acknowledge the source.


Online Safety Leaflet

Issues with Gas and Electricity Supply

Phone suppliers if you have a prepay meter tell them your self isolating and they will send you 2 weeks worth of gas / electricity or if you have a smart meter they will top you up.

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