Springwell Leeds Academy


Policies starting with the SL prefix are Springwell Leeds Academy specific policies

Policies starting with the WAT prefix are Trust wide policies adopted by Springwell Leeds Academy

SL Accessibility Plan 2019

SL Admissions Policy 2019-20

SL Adverse-Weather-Policy 2018 / 2019

SL Anti Bullying Policy 2018-19

SL Attendance Policy 2018-20

SL BCP 2019-20

SL Behaviour Policy 2019-20

SL Care and Control Policy 2018-19

SL Charges, Voluntary Contributions, Remissions & Refunds 2019-21

WAT Complaints Policy – October 2019

WAT Data Protection Policy 2018

WAT Data Storage Retention & Disposal Policy 2018.

WAT Data Security Breach Management Policy

SL Educational Visits and Trips Policy

WAT Equality Statement, Policy and Objectives

WAT Freedom of Information Policy 2018

DFE: Keeping Children Safe in Education – September 2019 Part One

WAT Leave of Absence Policy 2018

SL Provider Access Policy

SL Safeguarding Child Protection Policy 2019-20

SL SEND Policy 2019-21

SL SRE Policy 2019-21

SL Supporting Students with Medical Conditions Policy 2019-21

SL Teaching and Learning Policy 2018-20

WAT Health & Safety Policy 2019

WAT Whistleblowing Policy 2017

WAT Risk Management Policy 2018

WAT Gender Pay Gap information and Modern Slavery Statement can be found here