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Appointed Expiry Position
Joshua Imuere 10/10/22 10/10/26 Trust Appointed Governor
Scott Jacques 1/9/26 n/a Ex Officio
Waheed Khan 29/1/20 29/1/24 Staff Governor
Doug Martin 24/11/16 2/12/24 Trust Appointed Governor
Luke Mitchell 1/9/23 n/a Ex Officio
Ken Morton (Chair) 24/11/19 2/12/24 Trust Appointed Governor
Jayne Rowe 6/3/23 6/3/27 Trust Appointed Governor
Robert Stott 9/10/23 9/10/27 Trust Appointed Governor
Christina Vafeiadi 9/10/23 9/10/27 Trust Appointed Governor


A record of Governor attendance can be found by clicking here

A record of Governor declarations can be found by clicking here

Governors can make a record of a meeting or visit by clicking here.

The dates for next academic year’s governors meetings are listed below:

Monday 9th October 2023 (Springwell Leeds North)
Monday 4th December 2023 (Springwell Leeds South)
Monday 26th February 2024 (Springwell Leeds East)
Monday 29th April 2024 (Springwell Harrogate)
Monday 17th June 2024 (Springwell Leeds North)


If you would like to contact the Springwell Leeds Governing Body, or are interested in becoming a Governor of Springwell Leeds Academy, please do so using the email address below:

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Wellspring Trust Information:

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Schemes of Delegation/Terms of Reference