Springwell Leeds Academy


Governor Name Position Term of Office Expires Date Stepped Down
Ian Hague-Brown Trust Appointed (Chair) 23/03/2024
Yvonne Hare Trust Appointed 07/10/2024
Scott Jacques Executive Principal Ex-Officio n/a
Waheed Khan Staff Appointed 29/01/2024
Douglas Martin Trust Appointed 02/12/2024
Ken Morton Trust Appointed 02/12/2024
Chris Plowright Staff Appointed 29/01/2024
Julia Preston Trust Appointed (Vice Chair) 02/12/2024
Carol Stephenson Trust Appointed (Vice Chair) 03/10/2022
Jim Whurr Parent Governor 09/09/2023
Michelle Sault Ex-Officio n/a 31/01/2021
Michelle Handscombe (Wilman) Trust Appointed (Vice Chair) n/a 03/03/2020


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