Springwell Leeds Academy



Chair/Vice Chair Name Category Link Governor Role
Chair Ken Morton Trust Appointed Leadership & Management / Business and Finance
N/A Scott Jacques Ex Officio N/A
N/a To be Appointed Behaviour and Attendance
Vice Chair Julia Preston Trust Appointed Community Engagement / Business and Finance
N/A Douglas Martin Trust Appointed Key Pupil Groups
N/A Carol Stephenson Trust Appointed Safeguarding
N/A Gemma Graham Parent Standards & Achievement
N/A Margaret Wood Parent Standards & Achievement
N/A Steve Kelly Trust Appointed Teaching, Learning and Staffing
Vice Chair Michelle Wilman Trust Appointed Teaching, Learning & Staffing
N/A To be Appointed Staff N/A
N/A Ryan McGee Staff N/A

If you would like to contact the Springwell Leeds Governing Body, or are interested in becoming a Governor of Springwell Leeds Academy, please do so using the email address below:


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