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Coronavirus: Be responsible and keep your child at home
DfE Guidance to Schools - 25 March 2020
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Springwell Leeds Academy

Our School Day

Here at Springwell Leeds Academy we strive to provide the best possible care and education that we can for our young people. Unconditional Positive Regard underpins the work we all do here and we believe in creating exciting and memorable learning opportunities for all our pupils.

Every day we work with young people to ensure a fresh start in their education, support them to develop appropriate learning and social behaviours and to recognise, reward and celebrate their achievements.

As a values driven organisation we provide support, care, warmth and trust. We value relationships as the key to our success and it is important that our Academy is a welcoming safe place for children and young people to learn and prosper.

With this in mind we provide our students with an appropriate curriculum that gives opportunities for academic progression and vocational learning. We pride ourselves on being creative, innovative and never settling for anything less than excellence.

At Springwell Leeds Academy we believe in working with families and welcome their support, but also realise that at times they will need our support too. We work closely with other agencies and schools to make sure we do all we can to make learning and life the best it possibly can be.

For individual sites school day, please contact them directly.

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