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School Meals


Breakfast is provided free of charge for all students every morning. There is usually a choice of cereals and toast available.


Meals are served in the dining areas. The meals offer a range of opportunities for students to try a variety of foods. The meals are nutritionally balanced and provide a range of food both traditional and more adventurous.

Staff eat in the dining room with their tutor group or key stage. Lunch time is a period when staff can engage students in polite conversation and promote good manners. The provision of a lunch encourages students to try new foods in a calm supportive environment.

Students are given a choice of different meals, such as a traditional dinner, a jacket potato with a range of fillings,  salads or a vegetarian option. A variety of traditional desserts and fruit or yoghurt are available on a daily basis. Please see menus and information below.

Lunch Menu Week 1

Lunch Menu Week 2

Lunch Menu Week 3

Five Foodie Days Menu Information

We are delighted to inform you that parents / carers are no longer required to pay for school meals. This is part of the Springwell Leeds policy to ensure that every child has a free meal as part of their school day. This policy will be in place until further notice. Please click here for the free school meals application form. 

Parents can opt for their child to bring a packed lunch from home. Packed lunches are eaten in the dining room.

Springwell Leeds Academy promotes healthy eating and so packed lunches should not contain sweets; chocolate, fizzy or energy drinks and pupils with these products in their lunch box will be encouraged to save them for home.

If your child has any special diet requirements then please ensure you complete the following documents.

Special Diet Information Form

Special Diets Letter