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Mobile Phones

At Springwell Leeds Academy we recognise that students and parents see that having access to a mobile phone is part of modern life and has become an essential way in which parents and carers can keep in touch with pupils on the way to and from the Academy.

It is important however that the use of the phone does not interfere with learning or cause a distraction or disruption to Academy life.

Rules on Mobile Phone’s in school:-

• All students must hand their phones in at reception for safe keeping each morning. If a student needs to make a phone call, they should ask to use the office phone.

• If a student does not comply with the rules above, they will receive a warning and be reminded of the rules.

• If they continue not to follow instructions, their phone will be confiscated for the remainder of the day.

• Failure to hand over a phone to a member of staff when required to, will result in a parent / carer being contacted and asked to come to school and collect the phone and the student being isolated until this has happened.

• If it is found that texting / messaging through mobile phones is being used by a student for bullying purposes or any other purpose that the Academy Leadership finds unacceptable, privileges regarding use of phone will be withdrawn.