Springwell Academy Leeds

About Us

Springwell Leeds Primary Academy is proud to be a welcoming, kind and friendly academy of 60 children, aged 4-11 year old. 

We believe that supporting children, according to their needs, enables them to succeed and reach their full potential.  Giving them the best chance of success in both their education and life.  At Springwell we provide a rich and varied curriculum which promotes sharing, succeeding, learning and achieving.

We look forward to welcoming your child into our school.


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We are currently introducing a new reward system which will help children to recognises their successes, whatever their level of development.

Pupils are rewarded on a daily basis with praise, bonus points, stickers, tokens, leaves on the “Tree of Success”, the use of Golden Books and certificates.

A celebratory assembly is held every Friday at 12.15 pm.


Aims of our academy

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  • To provide the best possible care and education that we can for children with Social, Emotional and Mental Health needs.
  • To ensure that Unconditional Positive Regard is at the centre of what we do.
  • To provide high quality teaching and learning, assisting in the improvement of pupils’ academic achievements and standards.
  • To provide a structure that impacts positively on pupils’ behaviour.
  • To create an environment that is welcoming, caring, safe and warm.
  • To ensure that our pupils are supported and empowered to succeed.
  • That our academies are places where children can learn and prosper.
  • To ensure that learning, achieving, sharing and succeeding is at the centre of all that we do.
  • To promote outstanding attendance.
  • To create strong relationships with students, parents, carers and the wider community.