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Here you will find virtual home learning packs for your child to complete.

If your child requires additional support from a teacher, you can email us and arrange a call from your teacher. The email is eastconcerns@springwellacademyleeds.org

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Springwell East Wellbeing Newsletter

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Maths home learning packs

Hegarty Maths Online




Week One

Week Two

Week Three

Week Four

Week Five

Physical Education

Give these PE related word searches a try!

Here are some really good ideas for pupils (and parents) to keep active and learn some new skills/games:







Food Tech

Do you fancy having a go at some home baking?  Always remember to have an adult to help you.

Chocolate Krispie Recipe

Evaluation sheet – Chocolate Krispies

Flap Jack Recipe

Evaluation sheet – Flapjacks

Scones Recipe

Evaluation sheet – Scones


Do you fancy having a go at one of these D&T challenges using resources that you can find at home?  Remember to send a photo of your final product to eastconcerns@springwellacademyleeds.org if you can to show us what you’ve done!

Annotating my phone

Bridge challenge

Chocolate wrapper design

Health & Safety

Net of cube


Pasty making

Pasty logo Design

Pasty Ideas

Let’s get planting!

Miss Whitaker at East has been busy planting vegetables. She is excited to watch them grow and share them with staff and pupils when we are all back at school. The best part about planting your own vegetables is that it is super cheap and healthy! Take a look.

Did you know that eating a variety of fruit and vegetables improves our physical and mental health?

Why not have a go at planting some vegetables yourself? You can use soil out of the garden and old containers such as plastic milk bottles, strawberry containers, cups or even toilet roll tubes! If you don’t have any seeds then take a look at how you can grow your own vegetables using leftovers.


An Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Regrowing Fruits & Vegetables from Scraps – Garden Buildings Direct

An Awesome Beginner’s Guide to Regrowing Fruits & Vegetables from Scraps. Can food scraps be grown again? Turns out, the fruits and vegetables you’ve picked from the grocery stores or harvested from your own backyard can be given another take at life. And another. So long as you have the gardening ideas on how to regrow these assumed …


This website is useful for ideas of what to use for containers:


This website is a great starting point for parents https://www.gardenersworld.com/how-to/grow-plants/10-gardening-projects-for-kids/

If you do not manage to do any planting, you could try the Eat the Rainbow Veg Challenge or some Veg Power Colouring

We would love to see pictures if you have a go, send them to your teacher or the east concerns email.


Here are some Art activities for you to have a go at.  Choose ones that you are going to enjoy.  You may want to start with Level 1 or have a look at Level 2 activities which are a little bit more advanced.

Art and Design word searches


Art and Design word searches

Otto Dix SA


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