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Key Stage 4 Curriculum 2018-19

The following curriculum model has been designed to maximise opportunity for every pupil and to realise genuine aspirations by selecting appropriate subjects delivered through outstanding teaching and learning. The KS4 curriculum is designed to offer curriculum pathways that are targeted to meet the needs of individual pupils and support their transition to post-16 training and education. Depending upon the distribution of need across the three secondary sites, the balance and arrangement of the curriculum areas varies. This flexible approach allows us to ensure each student has a curriculum offer that is personised to encourage high engagement in learning and provide opportunities to reach their potential.

Learning Capital:
Students with in this pathway are those who with support can access the nurture classroom setting and demonstrate positive skills for learning that enable them to make progress. Students on this curriculum pathway access core subject areas of Maths, English, Science and personal learning as well as study at least two specialist options. Students in this curricular pathway also engage in a cross curricular creative media or STEM project which focuses on fostering the independent learning skills necessary in post-16 education.

Community Capital: Students on a community capital curriculum pathway are those students whose SEMH needs impact their abilities to successfully engage beyond a school setting in the wider community context. These students have a personalised curriculum offer that is determined by individual needs. In addition to receiving English, Maths, and Personal Learning, students have opportunities to develop key aspects of social and personal development such as resilience, self-regulation and control, and social skills through experiential learning. Students on a community capital pathway have targeted options linked with work experience or other vocational offers to support them with gaining the skills needed to transition to post-16 training or education.

Social Capital: Students on a social capital curriculum pathway are those pupils whose SEMH needs impact their abilities to successfully engage both in a school setting, but also to feel confident in engaging successfully in a social and community context. These students have a completely bespoke curriculum offer that will be determined by individual need. In addition to receiving English and Maths and Personal Learning they will also have high levels of experiential learning and vocational provision.

Every opportunity is taken within KS4 curriculum to continue to develop SEAL and Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural aspects of the pupils’ education brought forward from previous key stages. We also make every effort to teach an understanding of British values that reflect both the Academy and the wider community.

A list of qualifications offered at Springwell Leeds can be accessed by clicking here.