Springwell Leeds Academy

The Arts

Welcome to the Arts at Springwell.

We are very lucky in our new buildings to have access to some fantastic facilities and equipment, along with a team of experienced, specialist teachers to engage and release the creative streak in all our students.

In our Primary pods the Arts are delivered as an integral part of the curriculum with input and support from the specialists based on each of our sites as well as other Arts organisations. We have previously worked with Serious Music on an Arts Award project featuring a visiting professional musician each week and also with the Northern School of Contemporary Dance.
At secondary level the Arts subjects look like this:


At KS3 Students have access to two music lessons a week with their class. During these lessons develop their skills in performing, listening and composing through a variety of topics. The topics covered include African drumming, Songwriting, Band skills, Electronic composition, Film music and many more. Through Music, students have the opportunity to build confidence and resilience and have an expressive outlet.

Students make regular use of keyboards, drums, ukuleles and guitars working on both individual and group projects, they also learn to use sequencing software on our iMac computers. There is also the opportunity for individual instrumental lessons and participation in workshops led by specialists from Leeds DJ School and Leeds Music Education Partnership. At KS4 Students can work towards their Bronze or Silver Arts Award (Level 1 and 2 respectively) or Rock School qualifications.

Design Technology

KS3 students are following the National Curriculum programmes of study and attends at least two lessons per week. KS4 students are working towards an Arts Award.

KS3 students are following the National Curriculum programmes of study and will attend at least one lesson per week. They work towards achieving the Explore or Discover Arts Award. KS4 students work towards AQA Entry Level Unit Awards and Arts Award Bronze and/ or Silver. Some students will also be following a STEM course. STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering and mathematics

Students will develop their knowledge and understanding of how to research, design, plan, make and evaluate. They will generate, develop, model and communicate their ideas through discussion, annotated sketches and computer-aided design. They will improve their confidence and competency in a range of practical skills and techniques by selecting the appropriate tools, equipment and machinery. They will use a range of resistant materials to make their own product and will evaluate existing products as well as assess their own ability of themselves and the products that they will make. They will have opportunities to design and produce work using a laser printer and vinyl plotter cutter.

Examples of some KS3 projects include: Jewellery Box, Geometric Animals, Clocks, Desk tidy, Wooden Toy and Key Ring. In KS4 they will attempt projects such as small cabinets, table lamps and wooden artefacts.


Students study a range of topics in Art lessons, starting with the Elements of Art, which looks at the basic skills of art, such as tone, 3D work, colour and printing technique. Students develop these skills through topics where possible linking to the Elements Curriculum. One particularly popular topic is the ‘Making a Monster project’, in which students design their own monsters taking inspiration from famous film directors/animators such as Tim Burton. Other topics include The Day of The Dead and War. Students are encouraged to then choose topics that interest them so bespoke projects can be created to suite their interests and needs.

At KS4 we look at improving the design and compositional skills, students have the opportunity to learn computer design using Adobe programs, which are used in industry by design professionals, photographers and so on. Students are able to work towards the ABC Award (level 2) and Bronze or Silver Arts Award (Level 1 and 2 respectively).


Click here to download a booklet about the Arts at Springwell Leeds.