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Ethos and Values

Our Values and ethos:

At Springwell Leeds Academy we …

  • believe every child can succeed – we find a way
  • build strong relationships based on:
    • unconditional positive regard
    • respect
    • honesty
    • tolerance
  • create a nurturing environment
  • take a restorative approach
  • develop creative approaches to learning – inventing the way
  • place our Academy at the heart of the community
  • are outward facing and inward focused

Unconditional Positive Regard

At Springwell Leeds Academy we show unconditional positive regard for our children. That means we treat them with:

  • Genuine warmth
  • Genuine care
  • Flexible consistency – we understand the needs of the individual

….and by

  • Showing resilience
  • Offering multiple fresh starts
  • Finding a way that works
  • Acting positively