Springwell Academy Leeds

Our Staff

The world is changing. Education is changing. Now, more than ever, our children need an outstanding education. At Springwell Leeds Primary Academy, we believe that access to the best education is a right for all our students.

We believe in freeing teachers and leaders to allow them to concentrate on providing the very best teaching, learning, support and development, something which every child deserves.

Springwell Leeds Academy share a climate of high expectation and high aspiration for each pupil. High levels of support are matched with appropriate challenge to ensure that every pupil gets the maximum from school. Our children are confident individuals, responsible citizens and successful learners.

Teachers and support staff at Springwell Primary Academy are skilled in providing the appropriate support and Unconditional Positive Regard which all our pupil need and deserve.  We create and encourage a positive learning environment for our children and our staff are a dedicated and experienced team of professionals. The professional development of teachers and teaching assistants is supported through regular internal and external training in all aspects of SEMH and teaching and learning.  Thus ensuring effective teaching practices are in place and that lesson activities are well structured and delivered in order to fully support your child’s development.

Teaching is flexible and responsive to individual pupil’s learning needs and the progress they are making. This is underpinned by the outstanding relationships built between staff and pupils.


   Mr Quinn – Principal

 Ms Wilson – Assistant Principal

 Miss Harrison – Assistant Principal


 Mr Turney – Assistant Principal

 Mrs Lotherington

 Mrs Newman

 Miss Smith

 Mrs Burke

 Miss Ward

 Miss Anderson

 Mr McGee

 Mr Crossland

 Mr Barnett

 Miss Wigglesworth

 Miss Kendrew

 Miss Haworth

 Mrs Robertson

 Miss Wason

 Mrs Elsey

 Mr Smith

 Mr Lotherington

 Miss Melia

 Mr Wilkins

 Mr Powell

 Mr Peach

 Mrs Green

Ms Perkins

 Miss Fisher