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Creek Class

W/C 16/1/2017

In English Creek class have enjoyed telling and writing stories about the 2017 Chinese New Year animal the rooster.

In Maths we have had so much fun learning about time by playing What Time Is it Mr/Mrs Wolf?

We also have continued to try to be kind to each other as much as we can through Random Acts of Kindness.

W/C 23/01/2017

In Maths we have worked hard at learning about halves and quarters whilst sharing our fruit supplies! We have also all learned, every single one of us, to remember the year in which we were born.

In English we have enjoyed listening to Ms Wilson, Ms Teale and Harvi read stories to us with different accents and voices. This has made us all laugh so much! We made small words from our Barny Bear ABC biscuits and then ate them all up to make them disappear!

We have daffodils in our class which are sunshiny yellow and brighten up our environment. We are going to learn the different names of lots of flowers as the weather gets warmer and have them on display in our room for everyone to enjoy.

Stream Class

W/C 16/1/2017

This week in Stream Class we have been learning about imperative verbs, which has made us all very bossy! The children have focussed on instructional writing and have made some delicious rocky road.  In Maths our focus has been multiplication, we have looked at our 3 times table and some children have even been multiplying 2-digit numbers! Our favourite part of the week was Science where we drew round someone and labelled all of the parts of the body that we knew, then we drew a funny face on them!

W/C 23/01/2017

In English this week we have been looking at Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.  We have being learning about adjectives and reading Egyptian Myths and Legends.  In Maths, we have been learning all about fractions and learnt a new rhyme to remember the denominator! On Wednesday Stream team visited Elland Road, the home of Leeds United Football Club, where we had a private tour and even had a sneak preview of the dressing room which was being set up for the match. It gave us lots to talk about and the children hope that one day they may get to meet their Leeds United heroes!

Brook Class

W/C 16/1/2017

Brook Class have been learning about our bodies in science as part of out topic, “Catch me if you can”.

We particularly enjoyed making poo as part of an investigation in to how the digestive system works.  It was quite gross but a very effective learning opportunity with children developing knowledge of organ names and functions.

W/C 23/01/2017

Brook Class have been busy thinking about Super Heroes and Myths.

We created some fantastic mythical writing about how the rainbow was created.

Our favourite lesson was Food Technology when we made chocolate and raspberry pots.  Yummy!


Lake Class

W/C 16/1/2017



Beck Class

W/C 16/1/2017



River Class

W/C 16/1/2017

River class enjoyed looking at Greek myths and legends. They made masks of the goddess “Medusa” and also constructed their own Greek god with a unique superpower. The class showed off their ability to use adjectives correctly in some very creative stories based on this. They watched clips from “Jason and the Argonauts” and talked about how for an “old film” it was really good!

W/C 23/1/2017

In River class we have been swimming every week this term and now the whole class is accessing the adult pool. A highly tense football match took place in PE with some excellent passing skills displayed. A 2-2 draw was a fair reflection of the match, and handshakes all round took place at the end of the game. As part of Food Tech we all made guacamole. People we at first a bit put off by its green colour but it past the River taste test and got a big thumbs up from the class. In Science the class looked at how to make windmills and tried to come up with a design that would spin the fastest.

W/C 30/1/2017

The class has been making some amazing music using Garageband on the IPad. They have looked at how to sample their own voices and play them on a synthesised keyboard. This week we have celebrated animal day. The class got to meet animals including a gecko, a bearded dragon and a donkey. River class are now eager to make the gecko permanent addition the school’s animal collection.

Waterfall Class

W/C 16/1/2017

In Art we have worked with pastels to create images the Greek Gods.  We have been researching the characteristics of each God on our I-pads to discover which one is most like ourselves.  We have had some surprising results!