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My child attends Springwell Leeds (Meanwood)


Who are the best people to talk to about my child’s difficulties? Who can I contact?

Class Teachers and other class based staff contact parents regularly and informally to try and make sure parents and carers are aware of the progress or any difficulties which may have arisen throughout the academy day or week. If there are any concerns or worries regarding your child please contact the academy on the school number. If it is not possible for the class teacher to speak to you straight away, they will return your call as soon as they can. If it is an urgent matter, please ask to speak with another member of the team.

How does the academy ensure that all staff are fully equipped to meet the wide ranging needs of individual students?

Step 1

Class teacher and TAs supported in providing Quality First Teaching SIMS, Half Termly Data Collection, Pupil Passports to Progress, Provision Map, Boxall Profile and PASS Data

Continued Professional Development for all staff members

Boxall Profile Data

Step 2

Informal support from SENCO/Intervention Team re meeting individual needs

Step 3

Request for formal assessment and advice by other agencies to inform practise within school

How will the academy measure the progress of individuals and how will I know what progress my child is making

All Students

Progress for all students is tracked following data collection each Half term.

Further assessment and interventions as and when appropriate.

Progress and targets for all students will be shared with individuals and parents on Family Learning Day each term

Assessment for Learning strategy used throughout the academy

SENCO, to review attainment and progress data and identify students who may need intervention to address a particular or specific area of need.

EHC Review process

Pupil centred planning including written and verbal feedback

Pupil and parent voice

What support does the academy have for me as a parent of a child with SEN?

Our academy is committed to supporting our pupils and their families. A member of the Senior Leadership Team is usually available to talk to parents /carers throughout the working day during term time. If this is not possible, a return call before the end of the working day will be made by the Class Teacher or Senior Leader.


What is Family Learning Day?

Family Learning Day is held once a term. Parents and students are invited into the academy for a personal appointment with their class teacher to discuss their child’s progress, next steps and to see their child’s work. On this day, parents and students can access information from other agencies such as School Nurse, Parent Partnership, Credit Union, Parent Support Group and others.

Meeting the needs of all students.

‘Quality First Teaching’ is an entitlement for all students. Springwell Learning Community constantly strives to ensure that this is of a ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ quality at all times. This is about teachers meeting the needs of all our learners in the classroom. Lessons are carefully differentiated to take account of different learning styles and abilities. Teachers are fully informed about student’s starting point using KS2 data. There is an ethos of continued professional development embedded in school to ensure that all staff members are trained and informed of new developments in education and in particular developments in the teaching of pupils with a broad spectrum of Special Educational Needs.

A wide variety of strategies are used to provide support for students across the curriculum. The following interventions and methods currently exist:

How are pupils supported to help them make progress in their learning?

Personalisation – Teaching and Learning carefully targeted to meet the needs of the individual

For many students, changes to the way that the curriculum is delivered can make a significant impact on removing the barriers to their learning and make the expected progress. This done in the following ways

Teachers plan to meet individual needs on a daily basis in order to ensure that all the students in the class can make the most of their learning experiences and make outstanding progress.

Some students may require interventions which are ‘additional to and different from’ that which is normally provided for all students in the classroom. This will be discussed with you during the review process or at Family Learning Day. Typically the intervention will be to support an identified need such as developing reading, writing, maths or communication skills.  The work carried out is monitored by the SENCO and delivered by additional staff involvement both individually and in whole class lessons.

For some children these interventions may not be enough to help your child make progress. In consultation with parents, the academy may decide to involve some external professionals or agencies to provide them with more specialist advice and guidance in order to support them to remove the barriers to your child’s learning. This external support might be from an Educational Psychologist; Speech and Language Therapist; Occupational / Physiotherapist; Specialist Advisory Teacher; or a medical professional.

Student Voice

Students’ views are very important and feed directly into all policies, procedures and daily teaching.  Students are given regular opportunities to:

Be part of the school council

How will my child’s learning needs be assessed and their progress monitored?

Assessment of student progress takes place on a regular and daily basis which may include teacher, peer and self-review assessments. Assessments also take place at the end of specific pieces of work. All assessments aim to inform teacher’s planning of the student’s next steps in learning.

In addition to academic assessments, other assessments will be completed such as Boxall Profile (Emotional and Social development), BPVS (Receptive Language Skills), PASS (Pupil’s Attitude to Self and the Academy) and others. This information is analysed to determine their strengths and areas for development.

Passport to Progress data and flight paths are shared with students and parents on a regular basis, particularly Family Learning Days so that they are aware of what their next steps to progress are.

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