Springwell Academy Leeds


Curriculum Overview – Autumn Term 2016

Key Stage 4
English / Literacy


The students are covering a curriculum that will prepare them for WJEC GCSE Language and Literature exams or Level 2 Functional Skill.

They have been working on Assessment Objective 1

•      Identify and understand explicit (obvious) and implicit (hidden) information and ideas.

•      Select and synthesize (blend) evidence from different texts.

And Assessment Objective 2

•      Explain, comment on and analyse how writers use language and structure to achieve effects and influence readers, using relevant subject terminology.

We have embedded independent reading every week and functional skills such as letter writing, reading for information



The students are currently working towards a Level 2 Functional skills qualification at the end of Year 10. This term they have covered or will be covering

·         Number

·         Time and Measures

·         Decimals and Money

·         Fractions and Probability

·         Percentages and Finance

·         Ratio and Proportion

·         Perimeter, Area and Volume



We have been tracking the following scientific studies

Skills Developed

·         using SI units

·         using prefixes and powers of ten for orders of magnitude

·         using an appropriate number of significant figures in calculations.

·         making and recording observations and measurements

·         using a variety of concepts and models to develop scientific explanations and understanding

Topics Covered

·         Power as the rate of transfer of energy

·         Conservation of energy in a closed system, dissipation

• calculating energy Efficiency for any energy transfers

·         Forces as vectors

Animal Care Level 1 NOCN Skills for Employment, Training and Personal Development

Unit: CAO262

Principals of Care of Animal

·         1.1. Describe how to promote the health and well-being of animals and minimise any stress or injury

·         1.2. State their responsibility under health and safety and animal welfare legislation

·         1.3. State why animals need exercise and how the type and amount of this varies between different species and different animals

·         1.4. State how animals optimise their own physical functioning and appearance

·         1.5. Describe signs of health in different animal species in relation to appearance, posture and movement, behaviour, bodily functioning, social interaction

·         1.6. State signs which indicate potential problems with an animal’s health and wellbeing and state appropriate actions which could be taken when this occurs

·         1.7. List signs of stress in animals

·         2.1. State an appropriate method and system for feeding three types of animals

·         2.2. Describe the normal feeding habits of the animals 2.3.State the hygiene requirements for feeding and watering of animals

·         2.4., State their responsibility for safe and effective animal handling under relevant legislation and codes of practice

·         2.5. State why waste should be disposed of in a safe manner  and place

Engineering Edexcel BTEC Level 1 Award in Engineering (7 credits)

Core units:

• Working safely in engineering

Optional units – you will develop skills in:

•      Making engineering components using hand tools

•      Wiring electrical circuits & components

•      Assembling mechanical components

•      Using a bench/pedestal drilling machine

•      Planning and making a machined product

•       Servicing of an electrical/electronic system

Construction and Built Environment 4-16 Skills Academy Level 1 and 2

The course can cover the following units:

  • Starting work in construction
  • Developing plumbing skills
  • Developing electrical installation skills
  • Developing building maintenance skills
  • Health and safety and welfare in construction
  • Working as a team to move and handle resources
  • Developing construction drawing skills
  • Developing bricklaying skills
  • Developing carpentry and joinery skills
  • Developing construction painting skills
  • Developing construction decorating skills
  • Producing a timber product
  • Developing home improvement skills
  • Producing a product
  • Preparing for an interview
  • Interview skills
Advice Information and Guidance Careers

Careers mentoring sessions have been undertaken with the aim of getting students prepared for work. This process is in the early stages but plans and visits in place to start work experience in January.

Much of the off site provision is also heavily weighted towards work related learning.

SEAL Seal delivery underpins all other learning within the school. We have narrowed the Seal curriculum to make it especially relevant to KS4 students. These Include

•      How to maintain mental and physical health, (anxiety, stress, depression).

•      Strategies for managing mental health issues

•      Personal Hygiene.

•      Sexual health and the consequences, (testicle and breast tests).

•      How lifestyle choices affect a foetus.

•      Media’s ‘ideal’ body and the consequences on society.

•      Drugs, alcohol and tobacco. Second hand smoke

•      Signs of an abusive and unhealthy relationship,

•      Strategies to manage strong emotions and feelings

•      To understand why parent’s adopt or place children for adoption.

•      Opportunities available to them that aid employability

•      Debt and gambling.

Enrichment At Springwell we use experience to develop the Social and emotional skills of our you people. Allowing them to experience different types of practical learning. This includes:

1.      Motor Vehicle Maintenance

2.      Hair and Beauty

3.      Motor Bike maintenance and safe riding

4.      Art

5.      Enterprise

6.      BMX training

7.      Bike Building and maintenance

8.      Food Technology

9.      Textiles

10.  Animal Care

11.  Construction