Springwell Academy Leeds

Vision and Aims

Our school is a place where:

We cater for those with social emotional and behavioural difficulties, allowing them a fresh start in education. Our strong belief is that solutions lie in the understanding of every individual’s case and a provision which can take account of their difficulties or barriers to learning. We aim to offer all pupils an equal opportunity to become confident learners in a supportive environment.

Our vision is to enable pupils to improve their self-esteem, take responsibility for their behaviour and to be proud of their achievements. Almost all students attend the academy full time, which encourages a sense of belonging and community. Our clear and consistent structure ensures that pupils feel safe and secure and it enables them to take ownership of their learning.

Governors and Leaders at the school know that our focus on academic attainment is our strongest feature. Experience has proved that students need to feel purposeful about their education and this is the strongest attraction that we offer them. The increase in confidence and self-esteem that drives improvements in behaviour is almost always linked to academic success. It is often difficult to change pupils’ self-perception in a short space of time, but we can show them their own skills, and build their self-worth through academic attainment that has a clear value in their eyes and in the eyes of society. We will maintain this focus as we go forward into our new partnership with the Wellspring Academy Trust.

What We Offer.

We can offer all of our students: –