Springwell Academy Leeds


 At Springwell Leeds – Burley Park Site we ask that all our students wear our uniform which consists of:


Polo Shirt – with Springwell Leeds logo

Sweatshirt – with Springwell Leeds logo

Black trousers – no leggings or tracksuit bottoms

Smart black shoes – no trainers please!


We ask our parents and carers to help us achieve a positive learning environment by ensuring their child is dressed according to our expectations. We also believe it gives the students a sense of belonging and hopefully pride in their school.

On admittance to our school students will be given (free of charge) 2 polo shirts and 1 sweatshirt – additional tops may be purchased from the school office.

Pupils are not allowed to wear any jewellery and all personal belongings (such as mobile phones) are to be handed to a member of staff for safe keeping when they enter the building.

Please contact us if you have any questions.