Springwell Academy Leeds

Curriculum & Enrichment

Our core curriculum focuses heavily on the development of essential numeracy and literacy skills and supports students in applying and developing these skills across all areas of the National Curriculum. We have a new ‘core text’ every month and many of the learning activities will be thematically linked to this text. This month’s text is ‘War of the Worlds’.

Key Stage 3  Curriculum 

Pupils start the day with a nurture breakfast in form time, where pupils have planned activities to develop their personal SEAL skills and to have a settled start to learning.


Springwell Special Academy recognises the importance of Mathematics in Key Stage 3. As a school, we are very committed that all students get the opportunity to complete the Mathematics National curriculum programme of study. Mathematics is taught 5 times a week and our vision is to create an environment in which all learners can make progress through a kinaesthetic, engaging, immersive and a creative approach. We aim that all students we consolidate their skills and enjoy solving Mathematical skills for future life situations.


English lessons are taught in form groups led by the form tutor. The curriculum will follow the aims and statutory requirements of the national Curriculum with an emphasis in spelling, presentation and vocalisation. The Elements theme will use literature to bind together the rest of the curriculum, taking themes from recommended texts and reinforcing learning in other subjects such as Science, Humanities and SEAL.

As the ability to read is essential for ease of access to all areas of learning, pupils have reading time most days, either reading a book for pleasure or a book at their appropriate reading level. This enables a calm and settled start to the afternoon and provides a further opportunity to support pupils in their enjoyment and progress in reading.


Our Enrichment curriculum gives students access to other areas of the curriculum (Art, Languages, Food Technology) as well as accessing experiences that are designed to increase each student’s cultural capital. Each activity will meet one of the following aims:

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